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Please DO NOT prune your trees if they are on Thorold Public property. Pruning is complete by certified staff at a specific time of the year.

If a new tree is planted on your property, a long watering in the morning a couple times a week will help the tree to thrive.

Please do not over-water your tree as it can expose the tree to fungus and diseases.

Thorold Emerald Ash Borer update

The City of Thorold is taking precautions and removing ash trees that are considered potential hazards. Stumping with take place a later date.


The City has increased its tree planting budget.  This is to offset the loss of Ash trees. Planting may not be possible immediately after removals.

Please view regional bylaws for regional trees.

The City has a tree policy in place that will be revisited shortly.

Information has been provided by the Cemeteries Department

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