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Niagara Region Map The following links provide Niagara regional and municipal tree information (where available).

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Regional Municipality-of-Niagara

Fort Erie






Port Colborne

St. Catharines




West Lincoln

Regional Council deemed it desirable to enact a Tree and Forest Conservation By-law for the purposes of:

  • Preserving and improving the Woodlands in the Regional Municipality through Good Forestry Practices;
  • Promoting Good Forestry Practices that sustain healthy Woodlands and related natural habitats and environments;
  • Helping to achieve the goal of 30% forest cover in the Region;
  • Minimizing the destruction or injuring of trees in Woodlands;
  • Regulating and controlling the removal, maintenance and protection of trees in Woodlands;
  • Minimizing and guarding against dangerous conditions which may result in injury;
  • Protecting, promoting and enhancing the aesthetic values of Woodlands;
  • Contributing to human health, recreation, enjoyment and quality of life through the maintenance of woodland cover;
  • Providing for the production of wood and other products derived from trees;
  • Supporting the objective of the Regional Policy Plan to maintain, restore and, enhance the ecological health, integrity and biodiversity of the Core Natural Heritage System and its contributions to a Healthy Landscape as defined in the Regional Policy Plan;
  • Enhancing and implementing processes and decisions made with respect to applications made under the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P.13, as amended.

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