treeOcode Gets Boost from Niagara College Project

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Jackson, Roshana and Ojbode

The Niagara College treeOcode Niagara project has received a boost in the number of trees in the inventory thanks to a project by three enthusiastic College students and their Environmental Management and Assessment program internship project.

Roshana Johnson, Ojebode Ayodeji Daniel and Jackson Tran have added 184 planting sites to the treeOcode map. Their internship is with the Rotary Club of St. Catharines at Rotary Park in St. Catharines, a former landfill site located on Pelham Road near the Decew Hydro generating station. Their project requires them to gather analytical data responsible for the death of tree species planted on the site and developing a management strategy to ensure that Carolinian trees planted on the site can thrive and the park can be conducive for the use of the Community. The project also requires them to create an interactive map and tree inventory for all the trees within the park’s boundaries.

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Taking inventory

We’re very thankful that Jackson’s team and the Rotary Club of St. Catharines have provided this inventory to us for inclusion in treeOcode.

More information about the students involved in this project appears below

Rashona Johnson has a BSc in Environmental Studies from the University of Guyana and is currently enrolled in the Environmental Management and Assessment graduate certificate program at Niagara College. Rashona has over 7 years of teaching experience and have been a chemistry teacher in the Bahamas prior to starting the post graduate program. Rashona is currently a volunteer at Niagara Sustainability Initiative where she serve as a Carbon Services Assistant in the Carbon Project.

Ojebode Ayodeji Daniel is a graduate of University of Ibadan, Nigeria in 2012, with a BSc. in Wildlife Management and he is currently rounding off his Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management and Assessment at Niagara College.

Jackson Tran has a BA in Environmental Management from the University of Toronto and is currently enrolled in the Environmental Management and Assessment program at Niagara College. His minors at the U of T were Anthropology and Geography. Through his time at the U of T, he has accumulated approximately 3 years worth of GIS experience.

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