Infographics Summarize Atlanta Urban Tree Canopy

Atlanta Tree Canopy ImagetreeOcode Niagara will give Niagara the data and analytics needed to generate similar infographics to Atlanta, on Regional, Municipal and Community urban canopy performance.

The city of Atlanta has the nickname “The City in a Forest” and it’s not without warrant, as the city has an urban tree canopy of 47.9 percent.

Another 22 percent of the land is covered in non-tree vegetation such as grass and shrubs. As the nation’s ninth largest metro area, Atlanta has strived to maintain its lush canopy.

Its city council recently set aside money to pay TreesAtlanta to plant 4,000 more trees in areas that have the least dense canopy. In November 2016, it updated the local tree ordinance to allow Tree Trust Fund money to also be used for buying forest land.

“Atlanta is perhaps the one major city in America that retains a viable portion of high-quality, native forest land,” said the Canopy Alliance when the council revised the ordinance. “However, most of Atlanta’s land is privately owned, so most of that forested land is subject to development. It is critical for the health and functioning of our urban ecosystem to protect existing forested land in addition to planting more trees.”

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