2 for 1 tree planting policy for the Niagara Region

2 for 1 tree planting imageFirst published Tuesday, March 28, 2017 in Niagara This Week, two graduate students from Brock University’s Earth Science Department, made a presentation to the Planning & Development Committee at the Niagara Region regarding the idea to create a 2 for 1 tree planting program. That is for every tree removed by development or disease, two trees are planted as replacements.

Students in Brock University’s environmental assessment class want Niagara to embrace a two-for-one philosophy, but they’re not talking about penny-pinching coupons or gooey pizza.

They’re talking about Mother Nature’s natural air filters: trees.

Noting climate change is wreaking havoc across the globe, Brock students approached the region’s planning and development committee on March 22 to promote the idea of planting two trees for every one that has to be removed for things such as widening roads or building new subdivisions.

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